Elvin Family Brands

In 1964 Elvin Food & Beverages (Elvin) opened for business in the port city of East London. Originally manufacturers of fermented fruit vinegar, today Elvin produces a wide range of fruit nectar concentrates, fruit drink blends, lemon juice and vinegar under the Elvin brand. Timeless care and half a century of passed down experience shows in the perfect flavour balance and flawless colour of Elvin's fruit beverages.

Elvin Bag in Box Nectar RTD Elvin Bag in Box
Elvin Family Nectars Nectars Elvin 20-50% Nectar
Elvin Family 10% 10% Fruit Drink Elvin 10% Drink Blend
Elvin Squash Squash Elvin Squash
Elvin Water Enhancer Water Enhancer Elvin Water Enhancer
Lemon Juice Lemon Juice Elvin Lemon Juice
Vinegars Vinegars Elvin Vinegars
Elvin Food and Beverages
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