Caprica Dairy Blend Juice Concentrate

Caprica | Dairy Blend

Mango Orange Caprica

CAPRICA | Mango Orange

Caprica is a dairy fruit blend smoothie that embodies the smooth promise of fruit flavours from lush, sun drenched tropical islands. A wild fusion of milk and fruit flavours, Caprica is a thirst quencher to be enjoyed straight, poured over ice or used as a mixer.

Sweet fragrant mango and citrus orange dairy fruit blend smoothie.

Package Sizes

1 litre
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General Product Information and Pack Sizes:

Code Product Description Pack Size Unit Barcode Outer Case Barcode Weight Pallet
1312 Mango/Orange 12x1 litre 6001 12100 3905 6001 12100 3929 12.80 56

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