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Glenmor Soap

Rich and Creamy, Mild and Gentle.


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A regional demand for high quality and affordable locally manufactured soap products led to the formation of Glenmor Products in 2000.

Originating with the manufacture of traditional green bar soap (laundry soap), Glenmor soon upgraded to meet further trade demands for beauty soaps. The introduction of a beauty soap plant, based on similar values - low cost, high value and quality - soon proved to be a winning combination.

Today capacity, flexibility and innovation are offered through high speed equipment, variable pack sizes, micro, research and development laboratories and in-house logistical services.

With a well established private label client base, large contract pack capacity and a portfolio of own brands, Glenmor distributes not only within the borders of the Eastern Cape but also to the greater part of Southern Africa.

Glenmor Soap
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